What If The Prequels Were Good? Episode 3 Coming Today!

A simple question really, what if Star Wars Episode 1 and 2 were good? I’m not denying that there’s an audience for them, but it’s safe to say that most of the Star Wars community felt that the prequels never lived up to what the original trilogy was. Whether that’s a fair comparison or not, there’s no shortage of revisions and suggestions floating around the interwebs on what to change or scrap the prequels all together. The folks over at Belated Media role play as a story exec at 20th Century Fox and revise the movie that Lucas would have come to them with. This is one of my favorite fan revisions  to that trilogy, mainly because it really allows each movie to stand on its own while tying the entire trilogy together.

Where’s episode 3? Well, that should be out today by 10AM PST, and I’ll post an update then. Until then, enjoy and leave us a comment. Also, if you like the content, be sure to check out Belated media on Youtube and visit their Facebook page

What if Episode 1 was good?

What if Episode 2 was good?

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