Donald Glover to Star/Produce New Comedy Series at FX

Donald Clover (Community, The Martian) is set to star and produce a new comedy series on FX (Archer, Sons of Anarchy) in 2016.
According to TheWrap, Atlanta (the new series), centers around two cousins who attempt to make a name for themselves in the Atlanta rap scene. The show will also feature the likes of Lakeith Lee Stanfield, Brian Tyree Henry, and Zazie Beetz.

Donald is no creative slouch, having been nominated for two Grammy’s for his 2015 rap album and numerous TV awards for his work on Community. FX seems like the perfect home for someone of Glover’s talents, and I look forward to what he does next.

“Atlanta draws on Donald’s considerable talents as a musician, actor and writer to give us something unique,” FX president of original programing Nick Grad said. “The story is made all the more powerful by the great cast and the contributions of Donald’s fellow Executive Producer Paul Simms and director Hiro Murai.”

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