5 Things We Know About Dragon Ball Super So Far

1. Dragon Ball Super will have a manga: The manga will release in V Jump magazine in Japan starting June 20th! So expect to be getting the chapter soon after on various websites. The artist that will be pinning the manga version is no other than Toyotaro, the same artist the pinned the Resurrection Of ‘F’ manga that premiered before the movies release.

2. Dragon Ball Super WILL be canon: Dragon Ball Super will join ‘Yo! Return Of Son Goku & Friends,’ ‘Battle Of Gods,’ and ‘Ressurection Of F’ as new canon entries into the series written by Akira Toriyama. Hopefully this will somehow write out Dragon Ball GT, but don’t hold your breath.

3. There will be a new threat: In the initial announcement, it is stated that there will be a threat greater then Beerus, and Frieza that will show itself in the new series. With Beerus and Whis introducing the fact that there are 12 universes all together, each with its own God Of Destruction, don’t be surprised if that somehow plays a role.

4. The anime is coming this July: We don’t have a set date yet, but with Dragon Ball Kai ending in Japan the same month, don’t be surprised if it premieres the week after the end of Kai. It is scheduled to air at the same time slot as Kai did, so check back at wherever you watch your anime online that Sunday to catch the premiere.

5. The Z Fighters will play some kind of role: After seeing the Z Fighters all get their shine in Resurrection Of ‘F’ don’t be surprised if they play some sort of role in order to protect Earth while Goku & Vegeta are off planet. Hopefully Gohan puts back on his Gi and ramps up his training again.

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