NSNC: Spider-Man In The MCU, Aquaman Teaser, NASA’s Plans For Europa, and More!

Alex the Superhero Enthusiast (…) and Alex Reyes (  join Stephen Savelli ( to have a ‘Nerd Swag Nerd Chat’ about recent nerd news! The panel will discuss the following topics:

(2:10) 1. Spider-Man in the MCU, thoughts? Is it time to see a non-Peter Parker Spider-Man?
(17:10) 2. New Aquaman photo released!
(24:37) 3. NASA’s new plans for visiting Europa, how excited would you be if this happened?
(38:14) 4. Would You Rather? – have magnetic bullet trains or self driven cars as a mode for transportation?
(45:30) 5. Rewind Reboot: which movie would you reboot with current gen graphics? Spawn, Stargate, or Highlander?!

Superhero Enthusiast’s YouTube channel:…

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