Comic Book Haul 02/25/2015 by Stephen Savelli of #NerdSwag

Staple Stash Comic Book Haul for comic books released on 02/25/2015 by Stephen Savelli of #NerdSwag. Below are the comics Stephen picked up this week:

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*** Marvel Comics:
(3:00) “Spider-Gwen #1”
(5:10) “Thor Annual #1”
(6:15) “New Avengers #30”
(6:52) “Uncanny Avengers #2”
(7:43) “Darth Vader #2”
(8:20) “Daredevil #13”
*** Icon Comics:
(8:48) “Men of Wrath #5”
*** Image Comics:
(10:10) “LOW #6”
*** DC Comics:
(11:10) “Batman #39”
(12:17) “Deathstroke #5”
*** Cover of the Week: 12:52
*** Most Anticipated Title: 13:30

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