Contest for 10 thousand likes on Facebook

Well since we hit 10 thousand likes on Facebook I have a lot of stuff that I have collected these last few months. That I know another nerd will enjoy. Some of those items are from Lootcrate subscription, mystery minis that are duplicate ones I got, and possibly some other cool things. I will post pictures of them as the contest goes on. One rule must like us on Facebook. If you are do not like our page on Facebook then your entry does not count. Ok so let’s get started, this contest will go for about a month, that way we can get as many entries as we can. Once it is over I will record a video of all the entries and me pulling a name out of the hat and that person will win. Contest is going to be 1 of 3 parts and you can participate in any of the 3 categories. The questions are not you typical comic book or movie, they are going to be about us here at #NerdSwag and to hopefully give this prize away to some one who has been following us and paying attention to our posts. All in good fun though. Again we can’t thank you nerds enough for following us on YouTube and Facebook. We all appreciate it. You can message you answers to the 10 questions on Facebook.

Category 1 will get you 20 entries

  1.  Buy a #NerdSwag T-Shirt, If you have already post picture in the comment on our Facebook post. You can buy a shirt here

Category 2 will get you 2 entries per questions

  1. Post a question(s) to our 500 Subs Q and A for YouTube

Category 3 will get you 1 entry for every correct question

    1. When Stephen opens up a video what are the first woods he says?
    2. What is Stephen’s wife’s name?
    3. Admin Ashtin expertise to #NerdSwag is what?
    4. When Stephen and his wife got married what was at the top of the wedding cake?
    5. Couple years ago we did a Superhero/Villain tournament, who won that tournament? Extra point who did that person beat
    6. We recently hit a land mark of 10 thousand likes on Facebook, what else recently just happened to #NerdSwag
    7. Who was recently cast in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie and who was that person cast to play?
    8. Admin Michael Keefe is a huge Batman fan but when it comes to Marvel who is his favorite Marvel character?
    9. Admin Wade is a HUGE fan of the Power Rangers who is his favorite Ranger?
    10. We have talked and mentioned it a few times, but what high school did most of the admins graduate from?


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