Bethesda Announces Its First E3 Conference

Bethesda has confirmed it will host its first ever E3 Conference at the Los Angeles convention on June 14.

While Bethesda hasn’t confirmed anything else about their conference, we can assume the major publisher/developer will be talking about their current console generation and PC plans. A safe bet would be that we’ll learn more about the Elder Scrolls on PS4/XB1, along with more information about how their subscription free MMO will work for a new audience.

Speculation: With Skyrim being just four years old, and Elder Scrolls Online getting a breath of fresh air on new hardware, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting any announcements regarding another chapter in the Elder Scrolls continuum. Rumors and evidence, citing leaked trademarks in Europe, QA tester and voice actor leaks, and leaked documents, suggest that a new Fallout is on the way. The last time we saw Fallout was New Vegas from developer Obsidian in 2010, and the last numbered Fallout was in 2008. Leaked documents also suggest that a new Fallout would be set in Massachusetts.

There are a myriad of other options Bethesda could pursue. Dishonored released in 2012 to critical praise and hefty sales, and fans have clamored for a sequel even since. Bethesda also owns Doom, Wolfenstein and The Evil Within IPs, so an announcement regarding those wouldn’t be surprising.

Authors Alex Reyes and Jake Passot

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