Live Action X-Men Series On Fox Is Happening…Probably

TV insider has confirmed that Fox and Marvel are actively developing a new, live-action X-Men TV series. For the astute reader, Fox already has the filming/movie rights to the X-Men universe, but other rights to the X-Men still belong to Marvel, and parent company Disney. Disney also owns rival network ABC, and has their own Marvel based shows (Agents of Shield, Agent Carter), which is where the “probably” comes in. Talks are reportedly delicate, but execs at Fox are “cautiously optimistic” about getting a series together by 2016-2017.

As of right now, the talks are primarily hammering out the details of the deal, and nothing official has come out regarding the creative side of the show.  Online speculation points to the show being X-Factor focused, thus giving the show some leeway from the X-Men cinematic universe.

Again, the deal is being worked on, and Fox seems very intent on making this series happen in hopes to repeat the success of the Batman prequel series, Gotham. The unknown is whether or not Disney will want to play ball with Fox, as Disney is doing well with AoS and 4 new Netflix exclusive series.

Here’s hoping Disney is in a good mood after – the Daredevil rights from Fox last year, and the two parties can reach a middle ground.

THR reports that 24 producers Manny Koto and Evan Katz will be the show’s executive producers/show-runners, while the series will be written by Star Trek 3 scribes Patrick McKay and JD Payne, and all four of them will share a “created by” credit if the show moves forward.




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