Interstellar Movie Review

Can I even do a movie review of this movie without spoiling it? Was this another notch on Christopher Nolan’s belt of great movies he has created? Was this a mind blown, make you think through out the entire film? Or was this a complete flop and a waste of my time? Well to answer those five questions really quickly (I will talk about them more later on), I will try, yes, yes, and ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Now it has been a while since I have done  review for you guys so let me explain really quick how I will do this review. I will be doing this review into 2 categories, the plot and special effects. I will also do my best not to spoil anything for you. Then I will do my over all opinion about the movie. Now I use to do three categories but with this movie it was little hard to find a third. Yes I could have done acting but we all know Nolan only gets actors and actresses that are phenomenal at what they do or they wouldn’t be in his movie. Now lets get to it.

First off, I am going to talk about the plot. This review of the plot is going to be pretty vague and short because it’s a Christopher Nolan movie and if you or I say too much it will give the whole movie away. For example (SPOILER SPOILER JUST INCASE lol) if you have not seen The 6th Sense and I told you Bruce Willis character was dead throughout the entire movie, that would have ruined the entre movie for you. And that’s how this would be. To explain the plot really quick Earth is no longer capable of sustaining  human life and able to grow crops and the characters have to find a new home that humans can live on. Matthew McConaughey’s character is a former NASA pilot and sent off with Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, and David Gyasi’s characters to find a habitable planet. Now you’re probably wondering how are they going to be able to travel light years across space and be able to save Earth. Well incomes the Black Hole. Yep they are able to travel across space through a black hole and I can’t even describe how insane that was. Again I am being very vague and not saying much on this plot. All you need to know is that the plot/story kept my attention the whole time and I was not bored at all. And you know how if a movie goes for too long you are waiting for it to get over, well for this movie I didn’t even notice that it was almost 3 hours long cause I was so into the movie. Probably my worst review of a plot ever but if you have seen Christopher Nolan movies which you probably have if you are reading this then you know why I can’t say much more. I would give the over all plot/story of the movie a 9/10 cause it kept me entertained and interested through out the entire movie.

For this second part of the review I am going to talk about the special effects of this movie and all I can say is WOW!!! We have all seen space movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek, but we all knew that space was fantasy and what not. The space travel and scenes in Interstellar was something I have never seen before. It felt like I was in space and if I was that is exactly what it would look like. Words can’t explain how blown away I was with the space scenes in this movie and seeing it in IMAX only made it better. The two planets that are visited during this movie were well done as well. Yes I know a third one was traveled to but we don’t see much of that one. I just kept thinking to myself that I have never seen something like this before. And I will admit I was a little hesitant about this movie cause of all the space and science that was involved. But I like being proved wrong and I was. There isn’t much else to say about the special effects except WOW. I would rate the special effects a 10/10 just cause I really felt like I was seeing something I had never seen before with movies.

Now onto my over all opinion of the movie. As you can probably guess I have nothing bad to say about this movie except for one thing and it really has nothing to do with the movie but Anne Hathaway and her short hair cut no thanks. She should have kept her long hair she had in the Dark Knight Rises. See if that is my only complaint about the movie then you know already what I will say about Interstellar. I was blown away by this movie. I told my buddy who I went with that I am going to pay close attention to this movie because it was a Nolan movie and will be waiting for that moment where my mind gets completely blown away and of course this movie did that. Have nothing bad to say about the plot or special effects. Actors and everyone in this movie did a fantastic job and I did not realize how many top-notch actors and actresses were in this movie. I could go see this movie again tonight I enjoyed it that much. If you love Christopher Nolan movies then you will love this one as well. If you don’t like Christopher Nolan movies, I still think you would enjoy this movie. I do recommend seeing this in IMAX because it makes the movie that much more enjoyable and you can enjoy all the space scenes much better then would in a normal theater. I would rate this movie a 9.9/10 just cause of Anne Hathaway’s short hair hahaha GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!

Thanks again for anyone who read this really appreciate it. If you have any suggestions or thoughts about the movie let us know. And look for my next movie review on Exodus: Gods and Kings.

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2 Comments on Interstellar Movie Review

  1. Twi-Dash sparkle // November 7, 2014 at 12:15 pm // Reply

    Sounds really cool! I wanna see now because of this review! XD

  2. Michael Keefe // November 7, 2014 at 12:20 pm // Reply

    Thanks appreciate that and was an awesome movie in my opinion. Would be surprised if you didn’t enjoy it

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