Trees #6 Comic Book Review

Trees #6 Cover Art

Trees #6 Cover Art

Trees #6 Cover Art

Story by: Warren Ellis
Art by: Jason Howard
Published by: IMAGE Comics on October 15th, 2014
Review by: Tim Marrant

Review: Anyone who has read Planetary knows that Warren Ellis loves comics. Anyone who has read The Authority or one of his current titles Supreme Blue Rose knows he can write women. So to say my interest was piqued when I heard of the release of Trees would be an understatement; a science fiction title written by one of the best writers in the business, yes please! So if you are a fan of character driven sci-fi then this is the book for you! In his typical slow burn world building style, Warren Ellis creates a world where aliens have landed and fail to acknowledge the humans on Earth. Pretty straight forward and high concept sci-fi. Aliens land and after ten years still fail to acknowledge our existence. The defining way the characters all take something different from the experience is what makes Trees a stand out title for me.

Trees #6

Trees #6

Issue six brings us back to Tian Chenglei, a small town boy who headed to the big city to improve his art, and with the help of his transgender neighbor Zhen, ultimately finds himself. I found the conversation where they define their relationship particularly tactful and poignant.

I highly recommend the series Trees and particularly issue #6!

#NerdSwag Rating: 7/10 (Good Buy)

Review by: Tim Marrant | Check out Tim’s YouTube Channel:

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  1. Twi-Dash Sparkle // October 22, 2014 at 11:39 am // Reply

    Sounds really awesome! I totally have to check that out! (:

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