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1 Comment on The Weekly Anime Report Episode 8: The Ending Of Naruto? My Thoughts On Legend Of Korra Book 3

  1. Scott Gowdy // August 27, 2014 at 6:31 pm // Reply

    Legend of Korra thoughts: She maintained the avatar state seen again in the Season 3 episode 1 about 13 minutes in. She was attempting to get rid of the vines that had invaded the city. The loss she suffered was just the spiritual connection to the memories of the previous avatars. This connection was maintained between each generation of avatar due to the connection of the spirit Rava. Once this was severed so to was the connections to the previous avatars. The actual avatar state is due to the current connection to Rava since she merged with Korra directly. What I am hoping for is for Korra to not recover the ability to bend, and the lion turtles to take away bending from the world temporarily due to no avatar being active, at the end of book 4 after we see the air nation policing the world. Perhaps a future descendant of Korra, still connected to Rava will enter the spirit world and find a way to locate or reconnect with the previous avatars, maybe even one at a time. This would allow for questing, finalizing with the renewal of the ability to bend the elements, granted by the lion turtles.

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