Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Review

Was this Ninja Turtles movie faithful to the originals? Did Megan Fox ruin yet another movie? Did the new look of the Turtles ruin the movie? Were they aliens? I could ask a lot of questions about this movie and answer them for you but with those four questions that I just asked, my answers would be for the most part, not really, no, and no (thank goodness). I will get into more detail about those questions later on in the movie. If this is my first movie review that you are reading. I try to review the movie for you in three categories and then my over all rating of the movie. The three categories that I am going to review for TMNT is the plot, the characters, and action of the movie. And just a heads up when I review a movie I try not to spoil anything for you but if I do I will warn you that a spoiler is coming and I also try not to give away too much because you should go and see the movie for your self and enjoy it with out me giving you every little detail. Alright now let’s get into my review.

For the first part of the review I am going to talk about the action of this movie. I can sum this up to maybe 3 sentences for you. First half of the movie one maybe two actions scenes and the last half of the movie is loaded with action. Ok maybe I can sum that up in one sentence. From the trailers we all saw I thought the movie was going to be nothing but action. I did not expect the first half of the movie to be that slow. I did not mind the first half of the movie but I found myself thinking to myself, “ok when is this movie going to kick into high gear.” I understood that the movie had to introduce us all to the characters and build a story but its a TURTLES MOVIE!!!! Even the old movies we got years ago the slow parts of the movie were still fun to watch. But once the second part of the movie began is when the movie got  A LOT better. Each turtle used their own weapons  during their fight scenes which was awesome. And Splinter even got his time to shine when he fought Shreddar. If I was going to rate the action of this movie I would rate it a 7/10 just because that first half of the movie was so slow for me.

Now the plot of this movie is what any other hero/superhero movie is like. Bad guy wants to destroy and control the world. Really unique plot line if you ask me, it is something we have never seen before. But like I said in my Guardians of the Galaxy review, you can’t expect another type of plot with these hero movies and it doesn’t bother me. In turtles there were two plots it seemed like. The plot for the first half of the movie and the plot for the second half of the movie. The first half of the movie was April trying to make a name for herself and for her to do that she needs to find that break out story. She believes that story is something to do with the Foot Clan. Side note here I hated the new look of the Foot Clan, nothing will beat the ninja look they have had in the past. Anyways back to the first plot, April come across a Foot Clan heist and then sees the Foot get attacked by a Vigilante. Then it is April’s mission to find out who this vigilante is. The Shreddar and the Foot come up with a plane to bring out the vigilante and capture them. This scene takes place in the subway station we have all seen in the trailers. Once the plan doesn’t work out. April chases down the vigilante to the top of the roof and come to find out there are four vigilantes and this is the first time we are introduced to the Turtles. Don’t want to talk too much more because I know will spoil stuff for you. The second half of the movie is Shreddars plan to unleash a toxin into New York City and kill millions of people and the turtles are going to stop them. During the movie we are given the turtles and Splinters origins and all I will say is. The way the turtles are created is the same as it has been with a minor tweak to it. Instead  of coming across the Ooze in the sewers they (SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER) they are injected with the ooze. And the turtles and Splinter were also pets to one of our characters as well was a different take as well. I was happy to see the turtles were not aliens. Another side note, remember how everyone, including myself were freaking out that the turtles were going to be aliens. Well there is a scene in the movie where they make fun of that story. So to sum up the plot, first half mystery to find out what the Foot is up to and who are these mystery heroes. The second half is to stop the Shreddar from destroying New York City. I would rate the plot of this movie a 7/10 because we have seen this story before.

Now the final part of the movie I am going to review is the characters and in my opinion this is what made the movie for me. I have to start with the Turtles and geeze what can I say about them. I honestly thought the turtles in this movie were perfect. Leo was the so-called boy scout and leader of the group. Raph was the rebellion, hard nose turtle we are used to. Donnie was the nerd and genius we know. And then there is Michelangelo and his humor and goofyness that we all love about the character. And this movie nailed each turtle 100% yes I thought this movie nailed each turtle perfectly. The relationship and tension between Raph and Leo is very noticeable in the movie which I was really hoping for. Each turtle got his own moment to shine. I could keep going with why I loved the turtles in this movie but just know that they are done great. Yeah the look is not what we are used to but I got over that very quickly. Splinter was pretty cool and the love between him and his sons is in the movie and one scene you feel that love between the sons and father. I wish they would have got the guys from Planet Apes to help with the effects because you can really tell that Splinter is all special effects. Megan Fox is ok as April and if you have seen her act before then you know what you already know what to expect. Shreddar is pretty bad ass I thought. There is still a lot of mystery with him in this movie and there is still a lot of questions with him. The updated armor he wears is pretty sweet but like most of you I will always love the original look. Like I said earlier I hated the new look of the foot clan but that would be my only downside to the characters. Will Arnett I felt was there for a comedic relief and he was ok and fit into the story. William FIchtner character was a good addition as well and was Shreddars sidekick villain of the story. Over all the Turtles were the show and they made the movie as they should have. I would rate the characters of this movie a 9/10 just because of how well done the turtles were. If you are a fan of the original turtles then you should have no complaints on how they were done.

My over all rating of this movie would be a 7/10 just because of all the movies I have seen this summer it was the only one I didn’t leave the theater thinking to myself ” Damn that was bad ass I need to go see that again”. And that first hour for me just seemed to drag along. I didn’t hate the movie, I actually enjoyed it and I can’t stop praising how well the turtles were portrayed. Michelangelo’s humor was off the charts and really well done and got me laughing every time he made a joke. Also at the very end of the movie you get to see the famous Turtle Van, which I hope we get to see more of in the next movie. I think I caught 2 Easter eggs one of which I think I was just me over thinking it and that was when Fichtner character mentioned that the original test subjects instead of turtles were suppose to be rabbits. Once I heard this, the first thing I thought of was Miyamoto Usagi. Who is a samurai wielding Rabbit who has joined the Turtles on a few adventures. The other Easter egg is when the Turtles are eating pizza and a slice falls onto Splinter’s head, I loved this cause it referred to the first live action movie we got. The famous phrase of Cowabunga was used but the second famous line used by the turtles ” I LOVE BEING A TURTLE” was not used in this movie, hopefully in the sequel. And yes this movie was left open for a sequel and you will know right away a sequel is set when you see a certain scene in the movie. And I am not going to mention that scene, going to have to see that for yourself. In my opinion I would say go see this movie if you want to but if you have no desire to see this until it comes to Red Box I don’t blame you.  

Hope you enjoyed this movie review. If you want to know more about it let me know. Did any of you go see this movie? If you did, what did you think of it? Let us know.


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