Guardians of the Galaxy Limited Poster Giveaway!!!!

So I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy at 7PM at the IMAX and got one of those limited edition posters (Shown Below) but I handed mine to my friend and went back and got another one. Just so I would be able to give it away to one of our supportive followers. Now I know we have a lot of supporters but I wanted to give this limited edition to some one who has been watching our live #NerdSwag Nerd Chats, Comic book reviews, Staple stash comic book hauls, and our weekly anime reports. And some one who leaves comments and interacts on our pages.

If you have been watching our videos leading up to this movie. Then you know that Chris Pratt who plays Peter Quill aka Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy went to and graduated from the same high school of most of us #NerdSwag guys here. And we have mentioned what high school we went to and if you can’t remember the high school name go back and look at previous videos, comments made by one of us to find out. If you want this poster message us on Facebook with the answer to this question and it is first come first serve. Who ever answers it first wins and a lot of our followers also graduated with us so they will know the answer to the question so hurry and message us. Good Luck. And you also must have liked our Facebook page to be qualified to win.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Chris Pratt went to the same high school as most of us, what was our high school mascot?


– Michael Keefe | Find me on Twitter and Instagram @mkdriscoll

Find all of us at | | @RealNerdSwag

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