Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

Did Marvel’s gamble of making a movie about an unknown group of heroes pay off? Was this the best Marvel movie that  we have seen yet? Well you are going to have to go and see this movie yourself to be able to answer those questions but I will answer those two questions yes and (my opinion) no. Guardians is one of Marvel’s top 4 movies along with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron-Man, and The Avengers. It is so hard to say if it is Marvel’s best movie because each movie is very different. But anyways that’s a topic for another day. I am here to give a spoiler free review of the movie. Now if you have not read previous reviews that I do. I do a review in 2 maybe 3 categories of the movie then I give it my over all rating. For this movie I am going to review the characters, plot and visual effects of the movie. If I give any spoilers away I do apologize cause once I get talking about something I might space and reveal something but if I know I am about to I will say spoiler but anyways let’s get to it.

This first category I am going to review are the characters and all I can say is WOW. Each character was casted perfectly. I don not have any complaints here. Chris Pratt was fantastic as Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana was great as Gamora, Rocket and Groot were two of the best characters of the movie and their relationship/friendship was perfect. Batista was great as well, he did surprise me with his humor through out the movie. Ronan the Accuser played by Lee Pace was pretty mind-blowing because of the tension and feeling I got when I saw his character. His character, in my opinion, had to be one of if not the most terrifying  villains we have come across in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And all the minor characters were all fun as well. These characters had to be the best part of the movie. As I was watching it I didn’t find myself sick of any character and wanting to see more of specific character. The movie did an awesome job giving each character their time in the movie and they didn’t over do a character, where you got sick of seeing that person. The biggest moment of this movie, when it comes to characters had to be the reveal of Thanos aka The Mad Titan (Spoiler-Highlight if you want to see who was revealed). Marvel is setting up this universe so well that I am in awe of what they are doing. And when that character was revealed and spoke. I could not help but think “HOLY S***, I can’t wait to see what happens in future movies. Again every character was awesome and fun to watch in the movie. I would give these characters a perfect 10/10 cause I honestly couldn’t find one complaint about the characters and everyone said that Rocket steals the show, uh no I think that award goes to Groot.

The plot of the movie is going to be the second category that I review and shocker here. Villain wants to destroy the world or one of the worlds and a hero, in this case a group of heroes has to stop him before he does. And in Guardians of the Galaxy this is the case. Now some people might be getting sick of this certain plot but it honestly does not bother me because what can you expect from a super hero movie. I’ll try to talk about the plot as much as I can without revealing much because like previous reviews I like to give you an idea of the plot without giving away too much because I believe you should go and see movies and not know every little detail of it. You should be able to go to a movie and enjoy it without knowing what happens. I am getting off topic again…my bad. Ok this movie starts out introducing us to a young Peter Quill and him being “abducted” and then I think 25 years pass, I can’t remember exact time. We are then shown a grown Peter Quill who is on a planet where he retrieves this orb. We do not know what is in the orb until a little later in the movie but this orb is the main mission throughout the movie. SPOILER HERE…..The orb contains an infinity stone that a character hired Ronan to obtain for him. Few events happen and the Guardians comes together and realize that Ronan can not get his hands on this stone or they and thousands more are going to be in huge danger. The one complaint I do have about this plot is how they did Ronan, not his appearance but what he did throughout the movie. I thought Ronan was and has been the most creepy and scariest villain yet. I don’t know what it was but that is what I thought and felt during the movie. And he really didn’t do much he had I think two scenes where he fought Drax and his final scene and that was about it. So in short to sum up the plot, bad guys are after the orb and the Guardians need to stop them before they destroy a world and then the galaxy. I would rate this plot 7/10 because yes we have seen this certain plot in many movies already. But like I said what do expect from a super hero movie.

The last category I am going to review are the special effects and like I said about the characters WOW. I thought Dawn of the Planet of the Apes visual and special effects were mind-blowing. Well Guardians were as well. The different worlds they came to during this movie were crazy. Each world was very different from the next just like worlds in Star Wars. I also can say I now know what a talking Raccoon will look like. Groot’s special effects were outstanding as well. The huge battle at the end of the movie was phenomenal and yeah a lot of it was CGI but it was really hard to tell. I did see it in the IMAX and in 3D and there were a couple of scenes where stuff jumped out at you but it was a great 3D movie to see especially at the IMAX. Guardians is probably one of the best movies I’ve seen and the special effects were outstanding. I would rate the special effects a 9/10

Now my over all rating of this movie I would give it a 9.5/10. This movie is Marvel’s funniest movie yet and must go to the theaters to enjoy it. It is a family movie but there is some adult humor and some language that might not be suitable for young kids but other than that this movie is one the whole family can enjoy. Each character was fun and exciting to watch.  Yes Star-Lord is the main character but it did not seem like it because each character had a story. The title fits the movie, it is about the Guardians not Star-Lord and the Guardians. The movie definitely leads it open for a sequel and Marvel was right to already confirm one before this movie was released into theaters. My only complaint about the movie was the villain. I am still waiting for that villain who will be a huge challenge for our heroes and in a way destroy them. I really hope we get that with Ultron in the Avengers sequel.  But in all honestly this movie was fantastic and I know I  will see this again. The Easter eggs through out this movie were also great as well, like they always are. And there is an after credit scenes, who would have guessed that. My opinion GO SEE THIS MOVIE and if you have seen it GO SEE IT AGAIN!!!!!

And what did you guys think? Marvel’s best movie yet? Hope you guys enjoy this review and check out my next review next week of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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