6k Give Away!!!!

YEAH!!!!! We have finally got to 6 thousand likes on our Facebook page seems like yesterday we were at 5 thousand. Since we got to 6 thousand likes I am going to do a contest for some free Batman stuff that I got on Batman Day last week. If you want free Batman stuff then all you have to do is participate in this contest and if you are one of two people then you will win some stuff. First place will receive two Batman Posters, couple Batman buttons, a Batman mask and the free comic book that was given out as well. Second place will receive the comic book and a Batman poster that was also handed out on Batman Day. One of the posters that the first place winner will get is pictured below. Pretty awesome right? Few rules though. You must like our Facebook page and answer these questions listed below and message them to us on Facebook. Answers must be the correct one, if part of the answer is incorrect then the answer is wrong. These questions were not created by me I pulled them off of random questionnaires.  Questions are listed below. And please avoid using the internet to find the answers lets see how much you know about the Caped Crusader. If there are ties the tie-breaker is who ever got their answers messaged to us first. Contest will last about a week or so. So plenty of time to answer these questions. Again must like us on Facebook and message us the answers to be eligible to win and answers must definitive . Good Luck and thanks to everyone who has like our page. We all appreciate it.

  1. Batman is the alter-ego for which billionaire playboy?
  2. Who is the official creator of Batman?
  3. What year was the film “Batman” by Tim Burton released?
  4. Of the actors who have played Batman which one most closely resembles the physical attributes of the Batman found in the comic books? Bale, Kilmer, Clooney, Keaton or West?
  5. In the comic books, which villain is credited with “Breaking Batman’s back”?
  6. Though it is not conclusively proven, in the comic books, who murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne?
  7. Who was the first Batwing?
  8. Who is the mother of Damien Wayne?
  9. Who is the author of the popular comic books “The Dark Knight Returns”?
  10. Which director temporarily bastardized the Batman franchise?
  11. In “Batman: The Animated Series” who plays the voice of the Joker?
  12. In the 1989 “Batman” film, where did Jack Napier meet his fate, becoming the Joker?
  13. Long before he became the Penguin, Oswald Cobblepot was part of which circus?
  14. Who was the original Robin?
  15. In the 1960’s Batman television show, who played the role of Robin?
  16. In 1993, the team that made “Batman: The Animated Series” produced which direct-to-video film?
  17. What was the name of the unknown serial killer in the comic book “The Long Halloween”?
  18. Which Villain is known for referring to Batman as “Detective”?
  19. Batman has many means of transportation, Which film shows only the Batmobile during the entirety of the film?
  20. Vicki Vale, the news reporter in the 1989 “Batman” film had taken photos in which of these places that intrigued the Joker?


– Michael Keefe | Find me on Twitter and Instagram @mkdriscoll

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