Comic Book Haul 07/23/2014

Staple Stash Comic Book Haul for comics released on 07/23/2014 by Stephen Savelli of #NerdSwag. Below are the comic books Stephen picked up this week:

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*** Batman Day Celebration:
(0:40) “Batman With Robin #232”
*** DC Comics:
(2:42) FREE book “Detective Comics #27”
(2:50) “Wonder Woman #33”
(3:12) “Batman: Eternal #16”
(3:28) “Superman #33”
*** IDW Publishing:
(3:44) “Ragnarok #1”
*** Marvel Comics:
(5:00) “Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #2”
(5:30) “Storm #1”
(6:01) “Daredevil #6”
*** Extras:
(6:30) “Aliens vs. Predator” #1-2
(6:55) “RoboCop Versus Terminator” #1-2,4
*** Cover of the Week: (7:35)
*** Most Anticipated Title of the Week: (7:45)

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