“Gundam Global Challenge” Project to Make Full-scale Gundam Movable in 2019

“At the press conference held today on July 9, the details of “REAL G Next Project” are finally revealed. The main purpose of the project, now officially called “Gundam Global Challenge,” is to make the famous full scale RX-78-2 Gundam model movable in 2019, the 40th anniversary year of the franchise. As reported, the 18m-tall Gundam is now standing in front of Diver City Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba, Tokyo, and basically can’t make any moves. The project has already established a general incorporated association of the same name to collect ideas and plans to give the Gundam some actions from all over the world. I expected that the project was for new full-scale mobile suit statues, but I was wrong.”

Via Crunchyroll

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-Ashtin D’Motta | @rebelDMotta

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