Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Movie Review

Was this the best sequel we have ever seen? Are the critics and headlines all right and this is a blockbuster hit? Does the movie live up to the hype that has been built from the trailers? Well last night I watched both Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in the theater and to answer those three questions I just asked, possibly, YES, and YES. And I am going to give you a spoiler free movie review of what I thought of the movie. In this review I will grade the movie in 4 different subjects. For this movie I will grade the acting, plot, and action/drama, and lastly my rating and overall opinion about the movie. Now let’s get started.

First off I am going to talk about the story of this movie. And if you have read some of my previous reviews, you know that I do not talk about the whole story because you should go and enjoy the movie for yourself and if I talk about the whole story I will give away spoilers. Dawn takes place 10 years after Rise and man has the world really changed. Apes believe that humans are no longer part of the world because they have not seen any for years. But we all know that they meet eventually and they do of course. There is tension between the humans and Apes and that is to be expected. That is because many humans believe that the apes are responsible for the virus that was spread and nearly wiped out the human race. The humans and apes interact because the humans need power and they believe that a dam that is in the Apes home can provide that for them. So the beginning of this movie is all about the Caesar trusting the humans to get the power that they need and then to leave and stay away. Caesar does not want war between humans and apes and he says no war will happen as long as humans keep to their homes and apes stay to their own homes. This is because Caesar now has a wife and 2 sons, and all he wants to do is protect them along with the rest of the apes he leads. Caesar allowing humans do get power from the dam and helping the humans does not go over well with some Apes,  especially one. This ape does not like humans one bit and believes all of them are evil. The second half of the movie is more about the tension between Caesar and the rest of the apes, which eventually leads to what I am going to call an  Ape Civil War. Again not going to mention what starts this civil war between the apes cause you should go find out for yourself. This movie is not really a movie about the war between humans and apes. There is one main battle that takes place between the two different races and that’s it.  This movie does leave it open for a third installment (thank goodness) because military is now on the way and the war between humans and apes is just beginning. I am already excited for the third one. I would rate the story of this movie 8/10

From the previews we have all seen, it did seem like we were going to be given this all out war between Apes and humans. Well like I said that just is not the case. The one battle that we do get that is between them is only about 10 minutes but it was crazy. I know I would probably run if I saw an Ape riding a horse holding two machine guns and firing at me all at the same time….that’s just not right. But anyways the drama of this movie was incredible and I don’t think I really need to say much because if you saw Rise and know how good that one was. Well Dawn is much much better. And I can’t really talk about the drama of this movie without spoiling anything for you and I said I would not give any spoilers away. One scene in the movie, actually there were a few scenes but one particular pretty much scared the crap out of me.  I would rate the action of this movie a 7/10 because there is not much action in this movie but when it does happen it’s awesome. The drama I would rate a 9/10 because it put me on the edge of my seat and had my heart racing pretty much the whole movie.

Now I am going to talk about the acting of this movie. Can we change how Oscars, Academy, and every movie awards are given out because damn. Andy Serkis deserves one for his role has Caesar. Like Rise, I was blown away by his performance and the other Apes as well. To be able to feel the emotions and feelings of them without seeing the human face is incredible. As you watch this movie you feel for Caesar and the other Apes. The acting by Gary Oldman, Jason Clark, and Keri Russell was really good as well but this movie and acting was stolen away by the actors and actresses who played the Apes. The Apes do talk but they also still use a lot of sign language as well because I think only 4 maybe 5 apes speak in this movie. I would have to give the acting of this movie a rating of 10/10 because Ander Serkis makes you forget any bad acting that occurs in this movie by his outstanding performance.

Overall, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was outstanding. Acting was phenomenal, special effects were beyond amazing. You knew the Apes were all special affects but I could not even tell. If you enjoyed Rise of the Planet of the Apes then you will absolutely love this movie. I did not see this movie in 3D and you don’t have to, to be able to enjoy this movie. This movie is not for little kids because if you take a little kid to this movie they will be scared of Apes for the rest of their lives. I would not say this is the best sequel we have ever seen but it is up there for one of the best and could be debated on it being better than its’ first one and I am one of those to argue that Dawn is better than Rise. And if I was to say that the only thing I was worried about this movie was that they were going to over do the amount of talking done by the Apes and that is just not the case with this movie. I wont be surprised if I see this movie again this weekend. All I have to say is GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!! My personal rating of this movie would be a 9.5/10 because I honestly could not find one complaint about this movie. I will say the only reason I did not give it a perfect 10/10 is because the trailers we have all seen did make it seem like it was going to be war between humans and Apes and that is just not the case but I am not really complaining about this. That will take place in the third movie. Actually this is kind of off topic and could be a complaint, more of a complaint about the trailers though. I remember a lot of what I see in trailers for movies. And if a major event happens in the movie but I have not seen something that I saw in the trailer. I know what  happened wont stay true. Make sense? It that kind of spoils the event in the movie. But that is more about how the trailers were set up more than anything and not a complaint about the movie.  Again GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

Did any of you guys see this movie last night? If so, what did you think? If you didn’t are you planning on seeing this movie soon? Hope you enjoy this movie review and sorry if I do not talk a lot about what the movie is about. I hate being told everything about the movie. I like seeing it for myself. My goal here isn’t to spoil anything for you but to give you an idea of the movie and what I thought about it. If you have any suggestions of future movie reviews please let me know. Now go see a world that is run by Apes.


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  1. Everyone is saying how Serkis deserves an Oscar! The guy definitely killed it in this one!

    You can check out my review of the new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes here:

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