17 Minute Guardians of the Galaxy Review


Can a review be only one maybe two words? Cause the only thing I can and want to say about the 17 minutes that I witnessed last night was F$#%*&G AWESOME!!!!!!! I was blown away and I can’t even imagine what the rest of the movie is going to be like. The scene that we got to see was the introduction to the characters as well as a prison break that we all have gotten a glimpse of in the trailers that we have seen so far. Each character gets more introduction and one character, think you can guess who, gets family members mentioned that you will be happy to hear about. And after that scene we were shown the new trailer that was posted to our Facebook last night and can be seen at the bottom of this review.

Now this part I am just going to talk a little bit about the scene I saw. Rocket Raccoon and Groot were AWESOME. I knew it was Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket but I did not even notice, which I was worried about cause I hate recognizing the voice of a character because I cant help but see the actor or actresses face. The conversations between Rocket and Quill (Star-Lord) were hilarious, especially when Rocket convinces Quill to steal something just to get a laugh and again excited to see more of those two interact. Groot again was AWESOME. Now I don’t know a whole lot about the Guardians but I do know that Groot does use is one line “I am Groot” in different tones such as happy, angry excited or what not. And was curious if we were going to see that in this movie and in 17 minutes, you do. I do think that Drax is going to be the Hulk of this movie and have those moments were everyone is like “HELL YEAH” and just kill it. Gamora is going to be interesting as well because she has so much going on with her, especially who is in her family. There was not much with Peter Quill in this scene because I think he is going to be more of a focus throughout the movie but just from that scene. But I can say that Chris Pratt was the perfect choice for Star-Lord

Overall, and I have said this many times already, this movie is going to be awesome and I will also say this. Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be one of Marvel’s top/best four movies joining Iron-Man, The Avengers, and Captain America The Winter Soldier. If I was blown away with just 17 minutes of the movie then I can not even imagine what my opinion is going to be like after I see the full movie. Just from a 17 minute sneak peek I would recommend this movie to you. Anyone else see it last night? If so, what did you think?


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