Nailbiter #3 Comic Book Review “The Morgue?!”

Nailbiter #3 Cover

Nailbiter #3 Cover

Story by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Mike Henderson
Published by: Image Comics on July2nd, 2014
Review by: Owen Goodheart for #NerdSwag

The third installment of the new horror/slasher series, Nailbiter, brought on more intriguing mythology and conspiracy to the town of Buckaroo. Although issue three was not filled with as much blood and gore, it still provided a certain feeling of uneasiness and insecurity. You’ll know what I mean when you get to the morgue scene. We are also given more fuel to add to the proverbial fire that is Edward Warren and the Buckaroo Butchers, as I like to call them. Not only do we see development of The Nailbiter, but we are also introduced to another member of the Buckaroo Butchers. It is really starting to feel as if the Buckaroo Butchers do not want to see Elliot’s findings to come out into the light. Oh, and we finally find out who’s body was inside the burning motel! This book just continues to add to the mythology that is already buried in the cursed town. It also continues to add to the pure creepiness and terror that was created in the first and second issues. The art is also once again superb…roses are too pretty to live in this world

Final Thoughts:
Once again Joshua Williamson gives us another unsettling chapter in an already terrifying series that continuously keeps us on our toes. Williamson also manages to give Warren some humanity as well as retaining his creepy and ominous personality. This book reads great as a monthly, but it will be incredible as a trade paperback. Remember, don’t chew your fingernails….

#NerdSwag Rating: 8.5/10 (Creepy as Hell!)

Review by guest contributor: Owen Goodheart |Instagram: @Nightwing_Chicago_Savior | Twitter/Instagram/YouTube: @RealNerdSwag

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