Transformers: Age Of Extinction Review

Was this the best Transformers yet? Were dinosaurs actually destroyed by an asteroid? Or was this movie just another Michael Bay 3 hour of huge explosions? Well, I went and saw the newest Transformers installment last night at the IMAX, also in 3D and I left thinking that was the best Transformers movie out of the 4. It was a sequel as well as a reboot of some sort as well. And I am going to tell you a little bit about the movie and hopefully give you a non-spoiler review, but I do apologize if I give anything away. So lets get to the movie review.

First off, if you loved/enjoyed the first 3 movies or liked any of them, then you will love this movie. If you are expecting a great plot and story line then don’t go to this movie. It annoys me when people say I didn’t like the Transformers movie cause the story sucked. I just think to myself, ” what the hell did you expect, its robots that transform and fight, what more can you ask for!?” Any ways that’s my say on that issue. There is a story to this movie but it is like all the other three, there’s something that’s going to destroy the planet we must stop it. The overall movie was just that. Yes there was another story going on before the final battle went down to stop this device called “The Seed” from exploding. I don’t go into big details about the plot because I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Most of the movie deals with the Autobots being hunted by this Special Ops team and the whole issue is, why? This Special Ops team that is led by Titus Welliver and Kelcey Grammer and they also get help from our main villain Lockdown. They are hunting down Autobots to collect the metal they are created with. And Lockdown is helping them so he can capture Optimus Prime for himself. As we already know from the trailer Mark Wahlberg finds Optimus Prime and the two join forces, along with the other Autobots to discover why they are being hunted and killed. You eventually find out why they are being hunted down, but you’ll have to go see the movie to find out for yourself. Once you do find out the reason the story changes and the mission is to stop the “Seed” from exploding. More Transformer action and explosions occur…..shocker here lol.  Again, I am not going to explain the plot cause I will give away too much and you should see it for yourself.  I would rate the overall plot of the story a 7 out of 10 cause we are all use to seeing that normal story of we have to do this before the world is destroyed, that is why I docked it down 3 points. But I enjoyed the story of the humans hunting the Autobots and why they were.


The acting of the movie is what you would expect from a Transformers movie. It was not the best acting and was not the worst. But all the actors and actresses worked for this movie. Mark Wahlberg of course was much better in this than Shia Lebeouf. He was able to bring in his corny acting skills as well as is action to the movie. Kelcey Grammer was an awesome villain and would love to see him play a big villain in the DC or Marvel Universe. Stanley Tucci was hilarious and one scene when he was in the elevator made me laugh out loud for a couple of minutes, actually it made the whole theater laugh. Nicola Peltz was very nice to look at during the movie but what actress hasn’t been nice to look at in these movies. Jack Reynor who plays Nicola Peltz boyfriend in the movie was ok but some scenes with him I just couldn’t stand him but the scenes between him and Wahlberg were some good comedy ones. Since Walhberg is Peltz’s father in this movie and he does not want his daughter dating any guy until she graduates. And he finds out his daughter is actually dating Reynor’s character. And Walhberg and Reynor go at it in a few scenes. The Overall acting I would have to rate a 6 out of 10 cause it is a transformers movie you can’t expect Oscar performances in this movie. So if you are expecting the greatest acting then don’t go to this movie.


Now the Transformers, Dinobots, and overall action. WOW!!!! That is all I really could say here. But I’ll give a little more detail. I love the new look or alterations to Bumble Been and Optimus Prime. I really enjoyed how Prime’s overall opinion about the humans has changed. He will do whatever he can to protect his Autobots. If that means killing humans then so be it. Some might not like this but I did. The new Decpitcons and the way they now transform because of the humans was awesome, you’ll understand this if you see the movie. Each Autobot go their own time to shine in this movie which was really cool I thought. Now we all know one of if not the main reason you are going to check out this movie is because of the Dinobots. Well if you are going to see this expecting 3 hours of them then you will be really disappointed because they are only in the movie for maybe a 20-30 minutes but when they finally arrive. HOLY S***!!! It was so worth the wait. When Optimus finally gets on Grimlock and starts riding him. It got the whole IMAX theater cheering and yelling. Grimlock also is not the only Dinobot. We get to see. There are 3 other DInobots as well. Again not going to tell you much cause you should see the movie for yourself to enjoy it. I would have to rate the overall action a 9.8 out of 10.


Overall I would rate this movie an 8 of 10 because as far as Transformers movies go this has to be the best one in my opinion. And like I said before if you are expecting this great story line and acting then stay away you wont get that with this movie. I also recommend seeing this movie in IMAX 3D because it had to be the best 3D movie I have seen since Avatar. It was the first movie filmed with the IMAX 3D camera and the whole movie was amazing in 3D. Even sun rays I had to look away cause it made it seem like the sun was right in your eye. The movie is enjoyable, fun, exciting, pretty much everything you would expect from a Transformers movie. My only few complaints would be the huge amount of advertising in the movie, the humor I thought went a little overboard, and the movie probably could have cut out a half hour but I am not really complaining about the time of the movie. Also the movie did leave it open for a 5th movie to be made. I know I will see this movie again for sure like I have with every movie I have enjoyed so far this movie season.  Go see this movie and at the IMAX if you can.


Hope this review helped. Still getting use to writing these up. If you have any suggestions, opinions, or anything you would like to see more of. Please let me know. Thanks everyone


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