Staple Stash – Comic Book Reviews 06/18/2014 by #NerdSwag

TcoverWelcome to the Staple Stash comic book reviews for comics published on June 18th, 2014. Stephen Savelli from #NerdSwag reviews the below comic books:

** Marvel Comics
(1:22) Thor: God of Thunder #23 by: Jason Aaron
(5:43) Nova #18 by: Brian Duggan
(8:50) Daredevil #4 by: Mark Waid
(11:58) Original Sin #4 by: Jason Aaron
(14:41) Uncanny X-Men #22 by: Brian Michael Bendis
(18:24) Avengers #31 by: Jonathan Hickman
** DC Comics
(21:54) Batman: Eternal #11 by: Tim Seely
** IDW Publishing
(24:50) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #35 by: Tom Waltz
** Image Comics
(30:45) The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen
** Upcoming Reviews
(35:25) Star Wars by Brian Wood, Dark Horse Comics
(36:36) Daredevil – “Guardian Devil” by Kevin Smith, Marvel Comics

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– Stephen Savelli

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