DragonBall Z Series Review

The Champ Is Here! The Champ Is Here!

If you don’t know what Dragonball Z is, do yourself a favor and catch up on something that you missed during your childhood. The story of Dragonball Z has affected millions of people across the world for decades, and with its recently expanding story will certaintly continue to. Dragonball Z is series created by Akira Toriyama, and even though it was still called Dragonball in the manga, it developed the name Dragonball Z when picked up by Toei Animation and made into a anime. Dragonball Z is a direct continuation of Dragonball several years after the events of the world martial arts tournament. We get introduced to Goku’s first child, Gohan who becomes a key character to the story. This leads to the eventual events of the Saiyan Saga as the defeat of one the galactic Saiyan warriors Raditz triggers several events that push the story all the way to the conclusion of the Frieza Saga.

Goku’s childhood comes back to haunt him in the next saga, where the creator of the Red Ribbon ArmyCELL_GAMES creates androids that threaten humanity. Lastly the Majin Buu Saga pairs an ancient evil vs the Z Warriors which spands over vast world through out the universe.
Overall this series is far better in action than its predecessor, however I believe the story isn’t as creative and fresh as Dragonball after the Frieza Saga. However there are some great characters introduced through out the series, something I believe Akira Toriyama is best at. If you are look at a action packed anime to get into, this is known as one of the best ever so do not hesitate to watch.

DragonBall Z: 8/10

Watch DragonBall Z HERE

-Ashtin D’Motta | @rebelDMotta

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