MPH #2 Comic Book Review

MPH #2 Variant Cover

MPH #2 Variant Cover

Story by: Mark Millar
Art by: Duncan Fegredo
Published by: Image Comics on June 18th, 2014
Review by: Owen Goodheart for #NerdSwag


Part two of Mark Millar’s five part mini series, MPH, was not exactly up to par with part one. The story really didn’t progress much and we really received little character development. Issue two opens with Rosa’s little brother, Baseball, smuggling a cache of guns through their house. Apparently Baseball is becoming part of a street gang in Detroit. Rosa obviously does not approve of Baseball’s extra curricular activities. On the other hand, Rosa’s aunt believes that Baseball really has no choice in the matter. She believes that the law turns its back on crime in the inner city. We get a feel that Detroit is basically a forgotten city, and that it is it’s own country, isolated from the rest of the world. Millar really tries to harp on the fact that Detroit is not a place you want to live. After the Baseball incident, we meet back where our tale began, with Samurai Hal in the strip club. It appears that Hal is finding a replacement for Roscoe. Now, this scene was probably the most rewarding one in the book. In a nutshell, it depicts Roscoe getting some sweet, well deserved revenge on Hal. Millar found many clever ways of revenge for Samurai Hal. Once Roscoe finishes his ordeal with Hal he catches up with Rosa and Chevy, he takes them across the country. He wants to treat them to the good life. Roscoe then decides to share his good fortune of MPH with his compares. This sets us up for a little trip across the United States. All the way from the hot sun of California, to the bright lights of New York City. Enjoy the rest of the journey on your own!

MPH #2 Page #6

MPH #2 Page #6

Final Thoughts:

Issue two was a bit of a drop off in quality compared to issue one. The art was once again superb by Fegredo. It was captivating on every page. However, the story really seemed to go nowhere. There was really no direction in the book. They just traveled across the country for the last five pages. The thing that was most disappointing, was the fact that Millar practically skipped the whole background of their superpowers, he gave no insight into how MPH works. When Chevy asked Roscoe how the powers worked, he literally said, “Dude how the hell should I know?” It felt like he was taking the easy way out on that one. I also feel like Roscoe’s character is a bit sketchy in some elements. We’re supposed to be rooting for him, but yet he wants to use his powers to get rich…but maybe that’s just how Millar wanted it. He might want to show how a normal citizen would react to gaining super powers. However, those are my only gripes of the series so far. Overall, the series as a whole is interesting. The art is incredible and the writing is solid. I believe that issue two is just a setup for what’s to come. The final stages of this series should be exciting to see.


#NerdSwag Rating: 7/10 (Good Buy! And keep reading this series)

Review by: Owen Goodheart |Instagram: @Nightwing_Chicago_Savior | Twitter/Instagram/YouTube: @RealNerdSwag

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