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The Dragonball series is arguably one of the most famous anime/ manga series in the world. This series started in 1984 as a part of the Weekly Shonen Jump and quickly became a sensation. The story follows a young boy named Goku, a orphan raised in the mountains. A young girl named Bulma in search for a mystic glass orbs called the ‘Dragonballs’ finds Goku on his mountain where he has a Dragonball on his own. Goku refuses to hand over his Dragonball but decides to join Bulma in her search. During this adventure you meet characters like Yamcha and Puar the desert bandits, Oolong the shapeshifting pervert, Master Roshi the martial arts master, and Krillin, Goku’s fellow trainee under Master Roshi. At the beginning of the series, the focus is mainly on Goku stopping the Red Ribbon army, but after they are defeated, most of the series focuses focuses on the world martial arts tournaments. There Goku, Krillin, and later Yamacha fight against various opponents, some becoming friends in the process. Eventually Goku faces the evil Piccolo, which signals the end of the Dragonball series.

Goku vs. Piccolo at the worlds martial arts tournament

Goku vs. Piccolo at the worlds martial arts tournament

This series biggest strong suit is its story telling. Sure it has great action as we all know, but compared to its follow up series Dragonball Z, it does a very good job of tiring up all its loose ends, and making you fall in love with all its characters. Dragonball also brings a good amount of laughs to the table. Since Goku at the beginning of the series is a very sheltered kid, he thinks a car is a monster and destroys it. There is another scene where Goku doesn’t know what a girl is so he checks her private parts and is freaked out by the fact that she doesn’t have any male genitals. However the part that you will most likely enjoy are the tournament fight scenes. These scenes are always enjoyable to watch and always leave you on the edge of your seat. If you like action anime and manga, give this one a try and you won’t be disappointed.


Dragonball: 9/10

-Ashtin D’Motta | @rebelDMotta

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