Gwen Stacy As Spider-Woman and More In Upcoming Spider-Man Comic Book Event


Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Cover (click to enlarge)

As posted in an earlier article, the Spider-Man comic book event “Spider-Verse” from Marvel is set to start in November 2014. In September and October Marvel will be publishing a ‘pre-event’ event (haha have to love Marvel for that) called “Edge of Spider-Verse”, with each issue focusing on an alternate universe Spider-Man. A few solicitations for this Edge of Spider-Verse event were just released online and there are some very interesting ideas coming to the Spidey universe.

–> Issue #1 will be about Spider-Man Noir; he’s back! The Peter Parker of the 1930’s finds himself not only up against Mysterio, but knee-deep in the Spider-Man event of 2014!

–> Issue #2 will be about Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman!! In one universe, it wasn’t Peter Parker bitten by the radioactive Spider, but Gwen Stacy! How is she involved in Spider-Verse? Seeds of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9 are planted here.

–> Issue #3 will be about Dr. Aaron Aikman as Spider-Man!

–> Issue #4 will be about when radioactive spider bites a high school nerd who is already something of a monster. Pulitzer prize nominated horror writer Clay Mcleod Chapman takes you to a universe where the story you know becomes as horrific as possible.

Edge of Spider-Verse #1 Cover (click to enlarge)

Edge of Spider-Verse #1 Cover (click to enlarge)

–> Issue #5 (we don’t know much, here is what we do know) Gerard Way (Umbrella Academy) makes his Marvel debut with Jake Wyatt (Ms. Marvel, Indestructible Hulk)establishing a new universe and the incredible Spider character who inhabits it!

With Wolverine “dying” in The Death of Wolverine, it looks like Marvel Comics is throwing all their attention in Spider-Man’s way. Looks like there will be a plethora of options for Spidey fans this Winter; let’s just hope that Marvel comes through with quality books.

source: Comic Book Resources

– Stephen Savelli | @SavelliNerdSwag | Instagram: @RealNerdSwag

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