Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor E3 CG Trailer – Gravewalker Released!!

Watch the E3 CG trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. In stores October 7, 2014. Not much to this trailer except some excellent CG and some cool magic effects. What race is that villain? Does not look familiar to me. If you know leave your thoughts in the comments below!

– Stephen Savelli | @SavelliNerdSwag | Instagram: @RealNerdSwag

About Stephen Savelli (65 Articles)
Founder of #NerdSwag! I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States (the most beautiful place ever!). I love comic books, video games, and movies. My favorite video game: Final Fantasy VI (3 on SNES), My favorite movie: Gladiator, My favorite current comic: Thor: God of Thunder. Hope you enjoy the content!

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