MPH #1 Comic Book Review

MPH01-cov-e4f53Story by: Mark Millar
Art by: Duncan Fegredo
Published by: IMAGE Comics on May 21st, 2014
Review by: Owen Goodheart for #NerdSwag

Image Comics has been on a roll as of late with many refreshing new series. One series in particular has been catching the attention of many readers. MPH is a series that is much more complex than just the typical tale of a man who gets superpowers. MPH deals with hard hitting problems in today’s society such as drugs, poverty and tough economy. However, it also deals with the idea of the American dream. To kick off the series, Millar sets us in an eerie flashback in 1980’s Missouri where we are witness to a super being wrecking havoc through the whole state. The scene was the ‘debut’ of Mr. Springfield, the world’s first and last super being. The man apparently has super speed. Once he is caught by the police, they find a pill bottle labeled MPH. Apparently MPH is what gave him his power. Mr. Springfield leaves us with a vague message about him and his powers. After this scene we are dropped straight into present day Detroit where we find two young drug dealers named Roscoe and Chevy meeting their boss, Samurai Hal, in a strip club. Hal, tells Roscoe that he has a customer who Roscoe needs to deliver the drugs to. In this scene we get a little bit of background on Hal. He grew up poor in Detroit and is now a high profile dealer. We also see that he has been a mentor to Roscoe. The period of character development is broken when Chevy volunteers to help Roscoe on this drop. But Hal immediately shuts the idea down.

Now, you would think a drug deal would go down in a place with a little bit of privacy, but I guess for Samurai Hal a MPH-01-p16-3-Apr-CBRprev-e1795fast food place is secret enough. This scene between Roscoe and this client will end up being a crucial point in the series. It shows a immense amount of character development for Roscoe. We find out that he is not just some low life druggie with no goals in life. Roscoe is only selling these drugs to create a better life for him and his girlfriend Rosa. He wants to be CEO of a business empire and get out of the Motor City. However, he credits all of aspirations to Hal. Once he finishes his life spiel, this dealer turns out to be working for the Police. The man arrested Roscoe on the spot. The last half of the book is so dense and full of excitement and drama, that I don’t want to give it away.

All I can say is the combination of Millar’s writing and Fegredo’s art, is a recipe for success. This ground breaking new series deals with so much more than just good guy vs bad guy, it deals with aspirations, mystery, poetic injustice and betrayal. This is a must for all you fans.

#NerdSwag Rating: 8.5/10 (Solid Buy!)

Review by guest contributor: Owen Goodheart |Instagram: @Nightwing_Chicago_Savior | Twitter/Instagram/YouTube: @RealNerdSwag

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