Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed until 2015

Yep that headline is correct. The much-anticipated game is delayed until 2015. Marketing Manager for Gamestop Guy Perkins said:

“We just want to make this the best experience that we can, and that takes time, We feel that we have an absolutely awesome game in the works and we want to make it as great as it possibly can be. We just need more time to do that. If we didn’t give the team more time to do it, then we would be releasing something that we weren’t happy with. We want to make sure we’re absolutely nailing it 100 percent”

As much as I want the game to come out as soon as possibly I am ok with this. I would rather get an amazing and kick ass game then one that is just thrown together and this series of Arkham games has been phenomenal.

Also released today was the battle mode for the Batmobile as well. Check the video out.

What do you guys think? Upset about the delay or ok with it? And what do you think of the Batmobile as well? Either way I am excited for this final installment to a great series of video games.

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