New Stargate Movie…..Trilogy?

Didn’t see this coming but Roland Emmerich who directed the first Stargate movie is set to direct a new Stargate film and will also create a trilogy as well but Emmerich does not know if he will direct the 2 movies that will follow after the first one. I am pretty excited about this I loved the first movie and always wanted to see a second one but then we got a tv show that lasted for years and had many spin offs.

Kurt Russell and James Spader are not set to return for these movie but would love to see Russell back as Col. O’Neil and at least make a cameo along with Spader. My only concern with this movie is what would the story be about, besides traveling across the universe? We saw so much with the show and it is hard to imagine a reboot for this movie.

What do you guys think? Excited or no? And what do you think the story could be about?


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