Godzilla Movie Review

So here is my movie review of Gareth Edwards’ reboot of Godzilla and I am going to do my best of not spoiling anything major for you, but if I do apologize. The movie if you do not already know stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass), Elizabeth Olsen (Full House), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Ken Watanabe (Batman Begins), and David Strathairn (Bourne Ultimatum).

I want to explain the plot to you in detail but I am trying to avoid spoiling the movie for any of you that have not seen the movie yet and if I explain the plot I know I will get carried away and give away key points to the movie. I am going to tell you how I felt about the movie and a few things about it.

First of all, if you love the classic Godzilla movies and not the Matthew Broderick reboot that we got. Then go see this movie, you will absolutely love it. SPOILER HERE: There are two other creatures in this movie other than Godzilla. The two other creatures are a male and female and they are called MUTOs. And they are not together and throughout the whole movie these two creatures are trying to reach each other and of course mate/reproduce. And Godzilla is there to balance things out and fight against these creatures. The movie has some what of 3 battle of Godzilla against the Mutos. The first one we get a quick glimpse and the next morning we see Taylor-Johnson and Olsen’s son watching the news, which shows Godzilla and Muto fighting. But us as an audience we do not see anything really. The second fight we see a quick bite by Godzilla on Muto and again that is what we are left with. At this point of the movie I was really anticipating the final fight scene. And did it pay off the director and movie crew did a great job not showing anything fight wise cause it makes you really enjoy the final fight scene. I am not going to explain the final fight because you have to see it for yourself. I will say the final scene in the fight had the whole audience screaming, yelling, cheering and clapping and you’ll know why once you see it. I would give these fight scenes a 9/10

The monsters including Godzilla were awesome. I was so happy to see them go back to more of a classic look that we are used to seeing from the older movies. But Godzilla did have an “upgrade” you could say when it comes to his appearance. And think most of us can agree from the trailers that he looked awesome and when you first see him. My friends and I were all like “Holy S**T” Now for the MUTOs they are pretty awesome as well. They were not corny looking or something that was just put together for the hell of it and the fact there are two was just crazy. Monsters I would rate a 8.5/10

Now for the characters. If you are going to see this movie because of Bryan Cranston then stay home he is only in this movie at beginning. When it comes to characters it is more about Aaron Taylor-Johnson and is fight to get back home to his wife and son. As well as the Armed forces trying to bring these creatures down. And I swear Taylor-Johnson’s character has some sort of monster magnet attached to him cause where ever he went, the monsters followed. I do wish we could have got more Cranston and Taylor-Johnson scenes together. I was surprised with Elizabeth Olsen because I was afraid all I was going to see was that little girl from Full House and this was not the case and I am excited to see her in as well as Taylor-Johnson in Avengers-Age of Ultron.  I did not have any problems with any of the cast because everyone was so great in their roles. I would rate the characters 7.5/10 because come on it’s a Godzilla movie I came to see Godzilla not humans.

Overall, this movie was an awesome reboot and I believe if and when we get a sequel we will get more Godzilla vs what ever creature he is set up to fight. This movie did an awesome job building the excitement for that final showdown between Godzilla and MUTO. The movie’s story line fit for what the movie was trying to do. I do not recommend seeing this movie in 3D it is not worth it at all. I do recommend seeing this movie in the IMAX if you can. And like I said if you enjoy the classic Godzilla movies that we are used to seeing then go see this movie because it is exactly like one of those but made for this time and much much better technology. Godzilla was exciting, fun, jaw-dropping, and a great movie to see in the theater.

I would rate this movie as a whole with a 9/10

-Michael Keefe


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