AT&T to acquire Direct TV for 50 Billion

Its been a crazy year with giant companies acquiring its lesser counterparts. Earlier in the year Comcast bought out Time Warner cable which had the internet buzzing for a couple weeks. Today its AT&T buying out Direct TV for approximately 48.5Billion dollars. Now the whole process could take up to a 12months to finalize so you wont be seeing any changes until next year. AT&T is trying to offer more variety to the programming that they have so far. Back in 2011 AT&T failed to acquire T-Mobile so they are going to be closely monitoring the process to make this deal happen. AT&T also stated that they would uphold the net neutrality rules for 3 years counteracting what Comcast and Time Warner did to try to eliminate net neutrality. This should be an interesting year with all these mergers happening. What are your thoughts on this whole process?


– Bob M



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