Zoids: New Century Zero Series Review


672Zoids: New Century Zero is a anime series created in 2001 by Shogakukan Inc. but brought to the states by Viz. This series follows a character named Bit Cloud who is a junk dealer but conveniently costs the Blitz team a Zoid battle by interfering with their match on accident. He then is held hostage on their ship until he escapes and takes off in the Zoid names ‘Liger Zero’ a Zoid thought to be un-pilotable. He then joins the Blitz team and at first starts winning from peer luck, but eventually becomes a spectacular Zoid pilot. On their journey to becoming a highly ranked team, they have to fend off the Back Draft group, which is a group that sanction illegal Zoid battles in which the winner takes the others Zoids. After the Back Draft group finds out Bits Zoid is “special” the make it a top priority to try to steal his Zoid. The team eventually wins the Royal Cup Tournament and advances to class ‘S’ but not after facing several hardships along the way.

This series doesn’t have a whole lot of character development. Over the 26 episodes you do get 1191-1-20some background on the main group of characters, but mostly its pretty vague and doesn’t really give us good depth on our main character Bit Cloud. However, this isn’t very necessary since this series focuses little on interactions between the pilots and your more drawn in by the action and Zoid battles. This series does a good job or knowing exactly what it is, which is a strictly action based anime, and doesn’t try to be much other than that. If your looking for some time to kill and want some fun, action based anime, this one is for you.

Zoids: New Century Zero: 7.5/10

Watch Zoids: New Century Zero HERE

-Ashtin D’Motta | @rebelDMotta

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