“Pokemon Art Academy” Coming to 3DS In North America This Fall

Article reads as follows: “Announced for a June 19 Japanese release last month, Pokémon Art Academy is getting ready to help fans learn to draw the series’ most iconic Pokémon. Nintendo of America followed up this morning with a press release stating that the Pokémon-themed art instruction tool will make its way to 3DS and 2DS in North America this fall.

The European version is set to launch on July 4.

This installment of the Art Academy series features 40 unique lessons on how to paint, sketch, and draw Pokémon characters, gradually teaching new techniques that can be applied in all forms of illustration.

Via Crunchyroll

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  1. Hey! I always love Pokemon posts! I have just recently picked up Pokemon X and have been enjoying every second of it! I really enjoyed this post and am also really impressed with the blog in general. If you have time, I would love to hear what you think of mine! Over at The Disorder ( we try to mix humor with current topics. There are other subsections for game reviews, drawings, etc. I would really appreciate your opinion on the matter! I’m trying to not make this sound like spam (though I’m sure that’s what every spam comment says! 🙂 ). But I really appreciate this blog and thought I would comment!
    (Posted by Jim)

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