Disney XD To Start Airing “Doraemon” In The US This Summer

Article as follows: “Nihon Keizai Shimbun/The Nikkei reports today on May 9 that digital cable and satellite television channel Disney XD will start airing an anime adaptation of Fujiko Fujio’s nationally popular manga Doraemon in the US this summer. TV Asahi, which has a dealership in the US, has reached an agreement with Walt Disney to broadcast the English-dubbed version five times a week in the total of 26 episodes.

45 years since its manga launch in 1969, the anime has been broadcasted in 35 countries/regions, mainly in the Southeast Asia, and the cat-like robot has been considered as one of the representative characters of Japanese pop culture. This is the first time for the anime to be aired on a nationwide network in the US. In the English version produced by an American studio, some of the characters and items’ names are changed to fit American standards. For example, Nobita to “Noby,” Gian (Takeshi Goda)
to “Big G,” Takecopter to “Flapper”, and Dokodemo Door to “Anywhere Door.

Via Crunchyroll

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