Staple Stash – Comic Book Reviews 04/30/2014

I buy comics, I read comics, and I talk comic books! Welcome to the Staple Stash comic book reviews for books published on April 30th, 2014 (04/30/2014 & 30/04/2014). Stephen Savelli from #NerdSwag reviews the below comic books:

** DC Comics
(1:30) Batman: Eternal #4
** Image Comics
(4:50) Southern Bastards #1
(9:08) Deadly Class #4
** Marvel Comics
(11:58) The Amazing Spider-Man #1
(14:50) Uncanny Avengers Annual #1
(17:32) New Avengers #17
(20:36) Hulk #1
** Free Comic Book Day FCBD
(23:11) Guardians of the Galaxy
(23:11) Rocket Raccoon
(23:11) Futures End #0

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About Stephen Savelli (65 Articles)
Founder of #NerdSwag! I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States (the most beautiful place ever!). I love comic books, video games, and movies. My favorite video game: Final Fantasy VI (3 on SNES), My favorite movie: Gladiator, My favorite current comic: Thor: God of Thunder. Hope you enjoy the content!

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