Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Chapter 57 Review


shingeki-no-kyojin-4940711All I can say is wow, if you haven’t started reading this manga yet I suggest you start now while its not too far along because this is some of the best stuff out there. So we start off by getting information from Hanji that it seems Reiss wants to eat Eren in order to gain his powers. It turns out that Eren overheard Ymir and Bertholt’s conversation while barely conscious and it seems that a titan can gain other titan shifters abilities  by consuming them! Also titans can become shifters by eating other titans, so possibly this is why titans eat humans in order to possibly eat a shifter and become human again. However this still doesn’t answer the question of how titan shifters started out, maybe a syrum like Eren? Is Reiss also a titan? Also how did Eren get his abilities to control other titans? Maybe he ate his father the first time he shifted?

Also it is revealed that talks with Pixis somehow fell through even though it seemed everything was going well and now Commander Erwin is turning over his title to Hanji. Later we see Levi is with his team scouting the arrival of Eren and Historia, yet his team gets taken out and now he is in a battle with Kaney. Man this chapter was great, but not surpassing since every chapter has been amazing. What did you guys think about this chapter?

Read Attack On Titan Chapter 57 HERE

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