Introducing Amazon Pantry!


Everyone knows about amazon and their great service that they provide. You can buy things from groceries to unicorn meat (if you don’t believe me here it is! Unicorn meat), its amazing how fast you can get things delivered to you today. If you’re not subscribed to Amazon Prime I highly recommend that you do, with the service you will be able to get free 2-day shipping as well as getting to stream all kinds of movies and tv shows in their movies section on the website. It adds a little variety with having Netflix as well as Amazon Prime. They have introduced a new perk of being an Amazon Prime member and that is called Amazon Pantry. The perks of pantry is you can choose from a variety of products on Amazon and add them to your “box”. You will be able to choose anything from laundry detergent to a 24 pack of Coke.

Amazon Pantry

I have tried using it and let me tell you its pretty amazing, especially because of how little time I have now with work and side projects that I have going on. However, this does not completely eliminate me from going to the grocery store because the selection right now on pantry is pretty limited and there’s a weight restriction of 45lbs. You’re not able to buy any dairy products or frozen foods which you can get with Amazon Fresh (entirely different service and costs 299$/year) I logged onto my prime account and started adding products. As you start choosing things you quickly realize that 45lbs fills up rather quickly. You can add four 24 packs of coke and that will fill up 92% of your box or a 24 pack of bottle water will fill up 62.2% of your box. Where Pantry shines is with snacks and household supplies. I was able to get a substantial amount food for a relatively low price compared to super markets. I purchased paper towels, new shampoo, chips, coke, sprite, water, popcorn, vitamins and floss. In total I purchsed 25 items that filled up 95% of my box for 90$ and Amazon Pantry comes with a flat delivery fee of 6$. My total came out to be 96$ which is not bad at all. This service is aiming directly towards college and recent college graduates. If you’re an Amazon Prime member and didn’t know about this service be sure to only  buy things which are labeled PrimePantry and it will automatically add the item to your box. I highly recommend trying it out and see if you like it!


– Robert Murdock



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