Marvel Unveils the Spider-Verse “Every Spider-Man Ever” Story Arc

Spider-Verse "Every Spider-Man Ever"

Spider-Verse Promo Cover

Spider-Verse Promo Cover

Every Spider-Man ever, all in one story arc?! Wow – Marvel definitely has a lot of respect and trust in Dan Slott to make this happen. Starting in November with Amazing Spider-Man #9, the upcoming story will involve “Every Spider-Man Ever”. Yes that includes ALL Spider-Man characters ever, including Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham, Doc Ock Spidey, Miles Morales, Spider-Man 2099, and all the rest! On top of the Dan Slott will be introducing Spidey’s that we have never even seen before from alternate universe’s. To say the this is a grand, complex, and highly involved epic story is a gross understatement. The story will be previewed with a five-page back-up story in Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offering this May. I am so excited for this story run. In the last two years I have probably read 3-5 Spider-Man comic books. I think that number will go up this year!

Here are a few excerpts from Marvel’s press call:

“This is every Spider-Man ever teaming up, or fighting each other,” Slott said, “Some won’t get along. It’s a Spider-Man story on a scale we have never seen before. Epic in its scope.”.

Slott named some of the many Spidey characters on the Dell’Otto image: “I see Mangaverse Spider-Man. ‘Bullet Points’ Spider-Man. I even see a certain Miles from the Ultimate Universe. There are Spider-Men from ‘What If?’ stories. There’s ‘1602.’ There’s Spider-Ham! Do I see the MC2 Spider-Girl?”


Spider-Verse FCBD Preview

“When you say every Spider-Man ever, does that include some characters that may be currently dead, like Ultimate Peter Parker?” “There are characters, since these are multiple universes, that you may find out are dead in our universe, are hale and hearty in other universes. But once Spider-Verse starts, we can’t vouch for their safety.”

“Just because Peter Parker’s coming back doesn’t mean it’s business as usual,” “This year of Spider-Man publishing is going to be incredible, with unbelievable hurdles for Peter to get over.”

Very interesting stuff. I know that I will be reading it. How about you? Do you like where they are taking Peter Parker at the end of the year? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

– Stephen Savelli | @SavelliNerdSwag | @RealNerdSwag

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3 Comments on Marvel Unveils the Spider-Verse “Every Spider-Man Ever” Story Arc

  1. This sounds insane! Oh my gosh! How will explain bringing Peter Parker back from the dead?
    And wouldn’t it be fun if Deadpool stopped by and made some jokes about all the Spider-Men?

    • Peter Parker is officially back in the Marvel 616 Universe right now. Actually, the Amazing Spider-Man #1 was released yesterday, marking his return! You should definitely check it out – 90 pages!!

      Oh and I would LOVE it if Deadpool jumped in to make a joke or two. Dan Slott did say though that there will not be any extra “heroes” in the story because with all the Spider-Men it will be convoluted enough as it is. But maybe?! We can only hope!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. charles lopez // July 21, 2014 at 2:48 pm // Reply


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