Cowboy Bebop Series Review

An Action Packed Joy Ride

If you love anime, hell if you love just about anything, Cowboy Bebop is something you should check out. Cowboy Bebop was released in 1998 by Sunrise Inc and written by Keiko Nobumoto. The setting of the story is set in the year 2071 where space travel is commonplace and Earth is just a small and forgotten part of the larger solar system. Majority of the known solar system has been colonized by humans, and in order to get around the system in a reasonable amount of time, people use personalized space ships that come in various sizes, and various warp portals that send ships at large speeds to other destinations in space.

120137The story starts off introducing you to two of the four main characters. Spike Spiegel, a former hitman of the Red Dragon Syndicate, and Jet Black, a former police officer that lost his arm in a mob hit gone wrong. Both of these characters travel in Jet’s ship called ‘Bebop’ and are now bounty hunters by profession. Later in the story you meet Faye Valentine, who at the time is a blackjack dealer at a casino who is scamming her customers with tricks to always make her win, and a quirky and air headed kid named Ed, who is a renown hacker and can easily access anything connected to the inter webs. Together these 4 characters go on several bounty hunts over a series of 26 episodes, that bring you constant action, story telling, and plenty of laughs that will bring you back for more.

45774This series is definitely a classic, hands down. If you’ve been a anime fan, I’m sure you have already heard of Cowboy Bebop. Each character in this story gets his own episode or two dedicated to their history which all comes together by the end of the series. For Spike its a final fight scene with an old friend from his Red Dragon Syndicate days, Jet meets a female he was once in love with and gets closure, Faye is shown to be a product of cryonics and her body being woken up in the future for thefuturistic medicine and how she handles her transition, while Ed meets his father no one thought he had. All these things are very acceptable to the viewer and doesn’t seem too far fetched. If you are looking for a anime to get into, or you are trying to enter the world of anime, this is the series you want to start with.


Cowboy Bebop: 9.5/10


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