YuYu Hakusho Series Review



YuYu Hakusho…. What can I say about this series besides that it’s amazing. YuYu Hakusho was created by Yoshihiro Togashi

48276and  ran from 1990 to 1994 in the Weekly Shonen Jump. The story is about Yusuke Urameshi, a high school delinquent who one day saves a child from getting hit by a car, but in turn loses his life. He then meets a reaper known as Botan, and Koenma, the son of King Yenma the ruler of the underworld. He then passes a series of tests to return to his body and become Spirit Detective. As Spirit Detective, Yusuke has to fight against demons that may threaten human society using his newly found spirit powers. During these missions he meets Kurama, a spirit fox from demon world that emplanted his spirit energy into a fetus to be born a human and escape into the living world. You also meet Hiei, a demon with the Jagan Eye, which Yusuke defeats and later becomes a ally to his missions. Lastly, Kuwabara, Yusuke’s high school rival, well not much of one but Kuwabara thinks of it that way. Kuwabara has a heightened spirit awareness for above most humans and becomes an asset to Yusuke’s team of Kurama and Hiei when he develops his Spirit Sword. Together these characters go on various missions to defeats demons like The Four Beasts, The Toguro Brothers, and Sensui (Goki and Rando were defeated by Yusuke alone).


Virtually, there are no problems with this series. Everything you like about action, storytelling, comedy, and even a bit of romance is all wrapped up into the action packed series. Each character could easily have its own spin off series because each one is so complex and likable. The villains all are formable and all pose a problem for all the characters and make it almost impossible to predict a win for the protagonist. Overcoming adversity in every arc of this story makes you want to come back and see how these characters handle their next adventure. Now, this is my favorite series, and I try not to be biased, but everyone who I have talked to about this series is in love with it and I don’t blame them. YuYu Hakusho is something if your interested in any kind of animation you should check out.



YuYu Hakusho: 10/10

Watch YuYu Hakusho HERE

Read YuYu Hakusho HERE

-Ashtin D’Motta | @rebelDMotta

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