Naruto Chapter 674 Review

The Fight Everyone Has Been Waiting For Begins!!!

This chapter begins the fight that everyone who has been reading the Naruto manga series has been waiting for. Naruto and Sasuke with their new upgraded abilities versus evil Uchiha Madara. The chapter in a sense is very much a setup chapter for things to come but we’ll come back to that later.

Naruto-and-Sasuke-anime-guys-19679840-900-641The chapter starts out with Madara using a massive lightning attack against Naruto and Sasuke, but it is dodged with Naruto using his staff (almost in a Star Wars like scene using a lightsaber to catch force lightning) and Sasuke using some new kind of visual technique gained from his newly acquired Rinnegan. Naruto tries to attack Madara, however he again uses Limbo but this time it isn’t dodged and knocks Naruto back. Sasuke seems to be able to see Madara’s ‘Limbo’ attacks with his new eye and it turns out it’s another Madara, but in some kind of different dimension (hence the name Limbo). Naruto and Sasuke come up with a plan to stop both versions of Madara by using Naruto’s sealing Rasengan gained by using chakra from Shukaku, the one tailed beast that use to live inside Gaara, and Sasuke’s Chidori technique. It is effective in taking down Madara’s ‘Limbo’ self, but the real Madara escapes and steals Hatake Kakashi’s eye in order to go into the other dimension where Obito and Sakura are. There, Obito is asking Sakura to destroy is Rinnegan so Madara can’t use it against anyone. However, Madara’s top half of his body shows up due to the fact he was cut in half from Sasuke’s Chidori blade before he warped, and hurls a black spear at Obito and Sakura. This is where the chapter ends as a cliff hanger for next weeks chapter. What do you guys think will happen next?

Naruto Chapter 674: 7.5/10

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