Max Landis Does It Again – “Death And Return Of Superman”

250px-Superman75In this amazingly awesome #NerdSwag of a YouTube video, Max Landis (writer of the movie ‘Chronicle’) pitches his idea for a revamped version of the ‘Death and Return of Superman’. If you are a superhero, Superman, or comic nerd with 43 spare minutes in your schedule; then you should definitely get the popcorn ready and watch this YouTube video. Max was apparently approached by DC Comics in early 2013 to write an upcoming comic series about the ‘Death and Return of Superman’ with the great Greg Pak. The comic was never made, but this video is of how Max would have liked it to go. I would buy this series and I would love to see it in an animated film. For those who have not seen any of Max’s other videos, the title ‘Does It Again’ is in reference to Max’s highly viewed video on why he disliked Man Of Steel (I’ll attach that video as well). What do you all think of this pitch by Max Landis? You like this version better than the original? Let us know in the comments! (P.S. The Batman stuff in Kansas is one of the greatest ideas ever!!!)

Death And Return Of Superman Pitch by Max Landis:

Regarding Clark(Man Of Steel Discussion):

– Stephen Savelli

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