Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) @ 4 Color Fantasies

4ColorFantasiesYesterday was Free Comic Book Day (always the first Saturday of May) and let me tell you... people are STILL interested in holding a real comic in their hands. Over the years the rumblings of the printed comic media becoming extinct have gotten larger. But if you were where I was at yesterday, there is no way you would have known you can get comics on a computer, phone, or tablet. My girlfriend and I decided to travel about 25 mins to visit my favorite comic book shop around my area - 4 Color Fantasies in Rancho Cucamonga, California. 4 Color's FCBD event started at 11am and went until 4pm. We showed up at 11:30am and man was that a huge mistake. By time we showed up there was no parking for blocks... literally. It was insane! We luckily found a spot after someone was leaving and we headed over to get in line. As we walked to the comic shop we began seeing the enormously long line. Line2It took us minutes before we reached the end where at this point we could not even see the comic shop anymore. I tried counting and estimated there was a minimum of 750 people currently in line. We stood in line for 2 hours before we reached the front door of the store! Although the wait was incredibly long, 4 Color Fantasies did a great job of having some entertainment along the way. Here are a few things that we ran into while we waited in line (click to enlarge the photos):

IMG_0158A Tusken Raider and a Stormtrooper make their rounds.

MeMe with the Raider himself!

DVDarth Vader and I kickin’ it!

StormtrooperStormtrooper keeping guard.

DestroAwesome Destro cosplay. One mom yelled “Hey whatsup Iron Man!” followed by many laughs by others.

MagmatrooperLonely Magmatrooper.

ZombieDrawingArtist drawing zombie photos of people in line for free.

AlyssaMy amazing girlfriend Alyssa holding our Starbucks while I take hundreds of photos.

BloodDriveThere was a blood drive, where if you gave blood you were entered in auctions for free stuff!

LibraryLocal library brought their bus to help encourage kids to read.

DeanWhiteOnce we got inside the event (it was a fenced area, like a festival) there were even more amazing things. One of the coolest things that happened was that I met Dean White, who is a contracted color artist who had a booth inside the FCBD event. He has done coloring work for Captain America, Avengers, Thor, Uncanny X-Force, Kick Ass, Hit Girl, and others. He was there selling some of his art at a very reasonable price. Unfortunately I did not have enough cash money on me to buy any, but I will be meeting up with him in the future to pick up some of his prints. But the coolest thing about Dean was the conversation I overheard as I first got to his booth. He was talking to a young man, probably 15-16  years old, about the young man’s aspirations in being a color artist. Dean was so encouraging. Dean asked him, “So are you going to do it,” and the kid responded, “Do what?” Dean said, “Achieve your dreams! It’s up to you, you can make that happen. I believe in you. Do you have the motivation to make it happen? (the kid nodded) Then you better not let both of us down. You got this. Hit me up on DeviantArt when you put your first piece up, I want to see it.”  It was awesome, almost got me pumped up to be a color artist haha. Check out Dean White’s work on DeviantArt:

Aside from all the comic book booths and independent artists booths, there was a cosplay contest going on. Here are a few photos of some of the best we saw:

SpideySpider-Man and Spider-Man Noir

Young-anaFather and son Star Wars Jedi – Anakin cosplay.

HellgirlHellgirl, very well made!

WWWonder Woman

redrobinTim Drake (Red Robin)

Comics from FCBDWe were at the event for a total of 4 hours. It was hot (85-ish degrees) and the lines were long but it was definitely worth it as we will more than likely be going back to 4 Color Fantasies next year as well. But next time we will get there an hour before it opens. And next time I’ll get my free comics right away… By the time we actually went into the shop all the Infinity copies were gone. Yep, literally the only free comic I needed was the one I did not get. It’s all good though. We had a great time and still walked away with 14 free comic books and lots of other free things. Can’t really beat free, it’s always the best price.

If I was a betting man, which I’m not but whatever, I would say there were at least 2,500 total people that participated in FCBD at this ONE comic book shop. It was awesome to see that people are still into comic books as much as I am. And that by the looks of things, they are not going away anytime soon. Until next time #NerdSwagger’s!!

– Stephen Savelli

Twitter: @RealNerdSwag

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Founder of #NerdSwag! I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the United States (the most beautiful place ever!). I love comic books, video games, and movies. My favorite video game: Final Fantasy VI (3 on SNES), My favorite movie: Gladiator, My favorite current comic: Thor: God of Thunder. Hope you enjoy the content!

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