Deadpool Reveal Trailer

Wow, Activision and High Moon Studios might have something here. This new Deadpool trailer is just great.  I love the idea of Deadpool making the trailer himself and making fun of video game trailers. The play on critic reviews is pretty damn funny, “Deadpool makes Spider-Man look like a bike cop” – Wade Wilson (AKA Deadpool) and “Greatest. Game. Ever.” – Deadpool’s Mom. I am glad that they are going in the Mature game rating direction. Deadpool can be nothing other then that.


The cameo by Cable is a nice surprise as well and it gets me all excited inside to find out what other cameos that we have in store for us. This game is going to be FUN from start to finish. Just good old fashion blood and laughs. Marvel, kudos to you for having this game be made.


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