Prometheus: What The F$#k Is Going On?

Thanks to the advent of a little website called, I get to download movies that I don't feel like buying as soon as they become available. In this case, Prometheus. I saw it in the theater, and tho I didn't (and still don't) love it, I do appreciate the gusto. The huge set of nuts it took to not only make a movie that in many ways serves as a prequel to one of the greatest sci-fi franchises of all time, but also raises some of the most thought provoking conversation points ever raised in film. And not things like with Inception where its simply "was it all a dream or was it real?". I'm talking questions that actually are relevant to our beliefs in religion, Darwinism, and science. It doesn't adhere to any one of those belief systems, but instead, embraces all of them, mashes them together, and then leaves us to talk and argue about what Ridley Scott and David Lindelhoff were really trying to say. I've got my opinions...and I'll get to that in a second.

While I was watching the movie I decided to Google what it is exactly David said to the Last Engineer toward the end. In jumping around from site to site I stumbled upon this write up from by Brad Brevet. In this 6 page article, Brad goes in to very interesting detail about many of the ideological and theological plot points of the movie. I highly suggest reading this full article for anybody who is interested in just what exactly is going on, as well as for anybody who has been bashing the movie simply because they don’t get it (Just admit it, you don’t get the movie, so you make a bunch of bullshit excuses as to why it sucked. Its ok, you’re an idiot. We’re fine with that.). This is the article that made me appreciate the movie far beyond the technical aspects. We all know Scott is a master story-teller. He’s proven this more times than he’s failed at it. And even when he’s failed, it could only ever really be called “failure” by movie snobs of the most pompous order. The kind of people who say getting a 68 Metacritic score means it must be a bad movie. But with this film, even tho it misses on quite a few levels, he is more on top of his game than ever before.

First off, there is the question of who exactly are the Engineers. When I first watched the movie, the things I immediately noticed were the look of them. Like us, only pale, as if to suggest “pure”, with taller stature and ripped muscles. The “perfect” version of man. Which, of course, links back to Christianity and Catholicism with the whole “made in his image” thing. But then he drinks the gunk, decomposes, and his DNA presumably starts the evolutionary cycle. Darwinism. So we’re already mixing belief systems within the first 10 minutes of the movie. But then they raise the question of “if they created us, who created them?”. There is still possibility of a “one true creator/God” within this universe that hasn’t been explored yet. Brad suggests the concept that the Engineers are not “God”, but closer to “dark angels”. Basically the helpers. Santa’s elves. Certainly makes sense. But these are all things that rattled around in my head prior to reading Brad’s article. He does, however, bring up some new interesting points.

I’m already going on longer than I really need to, especially when I will never be able to word it as well as Brad did in the first place. There is questions of whether or not Vickers is an android because Weyland fancy’s himself as a new God, because he created life. But God created man AND woman. Weyland at his time of death is supposedly about 103 years old. Charlize Theron is only in her 30’s. So he would have had a child in his 60’s. Not impossible, but not the most likely scenario either. There is the point that David seems to be extremely self-serving throughout the movie, and even makes that statement about “don’t all children want their parents dead”. This all calls back the warning from movies like Terminator, The Matrix, and iRobot where that if we as man play God, how long will it take for our creations to decide THEY are the new God. Look at what we have been doing to God since the dawn of “civilization”. We’ve removed him from schools, taken him out of the national anthem, removing him from our currency. We are effectively “killing” our Gods, and replacing them with Snooki and Jersey Shore. And he also brings up a very interesting theory that the Engineers were NOT actually on their way to destroy us, but maybe to further evolve us instead.

No matter what you think about the movie. Whether good or bad, pretentious or ambitious, it is a masterfully told story. Albeit, with many silly little things going on, but an incredible story nonetheless. Watch it again, especially after reading Brad Brevet’s article, and let yourself just be open. And then make sure to thank me later.

-Ripynt aka Lord NerdSwag (HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

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